Bad Monkey Gaming joins forces with Arozzi

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About BMG:
BMG – Bad Monkey Gaming is a multi- gaming eSports organization focused on creating the best esports community and teams/players by giving them the best conditions possible, and plenty of motivation. We strive to have the best teams and players, the best game servers, the best streams and lots of other things that benefit esport

Arozzi will assist Bad Monkey Gaming with gaming chairs and ensure they are comfortable while playing!

Björn “papabjorn” Wik about the partnership:
“We at BMG are really looking forward to this new partnership with Arozzi.
Last Dreamhack I was testing the Arozzi Monza chair and it felt so comfy and the ergonomics was well thought out. And when it comes to design i think that Arozzi nailed it spot on.
We think that now when we all have new Arozzi chairs we can reach a new level at gaming since we now can game longer without the same risk at getting a bad back.
Thnx Arozzi” – –